Rehabbing Single Family Homes
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Add to your portfolio, or start your real estate investing by buying single family residential homes (SFR’s). Take a hard look at your market for bank owned, government owned, estate sales, and motivated sellers of SFR’s. They are out there! To get started find a good residential broker who will tell you about every property […]

Bob Steele, S.E.C. – A Biography
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Mr. Robert Steele was born in Carthage, Missouri in 1927. He now resides in Borrego Springs, California. Family: Bob’s parents were William C. Steele and Birdie M. Steele. He was blessed with three children; Robin Ann is in Medical Research, Kerry is a Certified Public Accountant and Craig is a Mortgage Banker. Interests: Played pro […]

Timber and Stone
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Look up, look down, and look under as you assess the value of land. We are blessed with Valuable Hardwood and Softwood timber on many of parcels of land that get overlooked. The same is true of Bluestone, Gravel, Coal, Fieldstone, and many others. As owners, buyers and brokers of land, we need to value […]