Debt – Kryptonite Doesn’t Work
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As we all know, it’s hard to fly like Superman not only when your cape is on fire, but when you have a portfolio filled with Debt laden properties that are ready to hit the proverbial lender graveyard. Historically, Debt has undermined many great fortunes. Among our founding fathers, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin, (and most of the other founding fathers) experienced the continual and unrelenting anxiety associated with maddening Debt.

Guerilla Financing
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The recently well attended S.E.C. meeting in Carefree, Arizona, was the epitome of a selfless collaboration of problem solving professionals. The treasure trove of experience, knowledge and creativity highlighted a most productive marketing session.

S.E.C. Annual Installation Banquet & Dedication
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2007 on July 2007
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January 15, 2020 As one of the elder statesmen of the Society, I am most pleased to welcome so many current and former S.E.C.’s and their families to this unique and special occasion. The Society celebrates its sixth decade in existence and has honored that milestone in the form of this fabulously, imaginative architectural facility […]

Stephen D. Barker
Posted in In the Spotlight, Spring 2007 on May 2007
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An S.E.C. Biography Stephen D. Barker was born in Kirksville, Missouri on February 17, 1948 to Dale and Lila Barker. In the mid 1950’s, his family moved to Fenton, Michigan. His father was hired as a master mechanic with Oldsmobile Division of General Motors. He has a brother Dan who lives in Fenton, Michigan and […]

Nurturing the Creative Process
Posted in Autumn 2003, Feature Articles on September 2003
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“Creativity”… a word that has been used in symbolizing one of the great philosophical freedoms we possess. As Society of Exchange Counselor members, we have the unfettered ability to explore and propose new and different aspects of our business and Society life with counterparts in a non-threatening atmosphere. As a result, we profess the highest […]

The REO Formula Revisited
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Spring 2002 on May 2002
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I do not know where the REO connotation originated, but I presume that it in the late 70’s and early 80’s it was synonymous with the line item category used by banks and savings and loans to designate properties that had been foreclosed upon or that were of no further use to the bank, (like […]