Is Real Estate in Turmoil?
Posted in Summer 2007, The S.E.C. History Files on July 2007
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Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the August 1973 issue of the R.E. News Observer. If you change a few dates and numbers, it could just as easily have been written today. Have you been asked recently what you think the future of real estate is in the next two years? To youngsters in […]

Is There Trouble Brewing?
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Summer 2007 on July 2007
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No matter which political party each of us favors, it is important that we know what changes might happen that could affect our and our clients’ financial positions. In my opinion, it is time to watch what our representatives in Washington may be about to do to our industry. For instance, John Edwards has made […]