Market Price is Determined Like the Weather
Posted in The S.E.C. History Files, Winter 2009 on January 2009
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Determining the “value” of real estate is akin to predicting US. Gross National Product for 1978. So many variables affect it (each of which demands a subjective value judgment) that appraisal is more state-of-the-art than a science.

Now May be the Day of the Zircon
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Spring 2008 on April 2008
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Diamond merchants have promoted diamonds as the greatest gift to show true love. Many great “love of life” relationships have been cemented with Zircons without anyone knowing the difference. A few might wonder where a guy with such short supply could find the where-with-all to produce a 1 1/2 carat stone […]

Exchange Counseling
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Winter 2008 on January 2008
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A brochure for the first EXCHANGE COUNSELING one-day seminar given reminded me of a couple of cheerleading concepts we proffered upon the “great unwashed” […]

Tight Money Strategies
Posted in Fall 2007, The S.E.C. History Files on September 2007
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Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the November 1973 issue of the Real Estate News Observer. Since 1966, the real estate industry seems to be facing trends in supply, demand, and availability of loans that change more rapidly and more drastically than before. Changing our approach to brokerage to compensate for or benefit from […]

Coagulation Transactions
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Summer 2007 on July 2007
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I have been railing at meetings that not enough COAGULATION thinking is used in creating transactions. So… I guess I’d better tell you what I mean so you can utilize the strategy. The concept is simply combining more than one person’s transaction desires and capabilities to cause the required benefits to go to all involved. […]

The Best Buyer is the Broker
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Spring 2007 on May 2007
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When I was first into investment real estate brokerage (having taken all the numbers courses before CCIM was invented), I would find what I thought was a really good buying opportunity, make a list of my 10 best clients/investors, and present my analysis. The usual response was, “Let me mull it over,” or some such […]

Backside Benefits
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Winter 2007 on January 2007
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* Car dealer “take any trade, running or not” * Lot dealer “property in foreclosure can be used as down payment” * “No down payment” house buyer comes into the brokerage to see if the TV ads for “No Down” classes are really possible. R.E. salesman Cliff Weaver says, “Not often, but what is possible […]

The Way it Used to Be
Posted in Fall 2006, Society Columns on September 2006
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In 1961 I showed a home to a family at 1:00 p.m.; wrote up a proposal on a paper bag on the hood of my car; presented it that afternoon, got accepted, and opened escrow that day (Sonoma Title Guaranty – Denny Daw.) It closed with title insurance the next afternoon and they moved in […]

Client Acquisition
Posted in Fall 2006, Feature Articles on September 2006
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Most regular real estate brokerages use multiple systems to find clients: A sign on prominent office and on listed properties Ads in media Direct mail House calls Seminars conducted for the public Personal contacts thru social clubs Brochures distributed Etc. My personal preference has always been “Find a need and fill it,” (found printed on […]

Abandon Commission Focus
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2006 on July 2006
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An S.E.C. guest requested counsel with regard to an aging couple/prospective client, who had a gaggle of properties in a remote town. He wanted help on valuing so as to take a salable listing – a standard MLS broker’s approach. He really liked the couple, and was stymied on how to proceed and was newly […]