Debbie Sullivan, S.E.C.: Biography
Posted in In the Spotlight, Winter 2009 on January 2009
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Debbie Sullivan, S.E.C., was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. As a child, she moved with her mother and father, Hattie and Elbert Steele, to Mount Airy, North Carolina, which she referred to as “Mayberry.”

Finding the Right Land
Posted in Autumn 2005, Feature Articles on September 2005
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A person who subdivides land, or develops profits through his/her energies and expertise, must always be on the alert for land to maintain a steady flow of possibilities for new projects. It is my belief that if you deal in land you should always have one or two projects in the approval stage and one […]

Roy R. Moore, S.E.C.
Posted in In the Spotlight, Summer 2003 on July 2003
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The life of Roy Rex Moore, Jr. reflects a full range of the qualities that built modern North American society: hardworking, determined, brave, tenacious, honest, innovative, adventurous, independent, and successful. Roy’s father, Roy Rex Moore, was born in 1889 in Van Wyck, Idaho, and the oldest of eight children whose parents had emigrated west by […]