Land Plus Cash Equals Notes
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Spring 2009 on April 2009
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If you own a piece of land and would like to receive the highest value, but you are currently unable to sell it for that value, consider adding some cash to your land and exchanging it for some existing or to be created notes.

Real Estate as a Work of Art
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2005 on January 2005
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Most real estate professionals naturally gravitate to and focus on the “numbers.” What is the cash flow…how can we increase the rental rate… are the Common Area costs being charged to the tenants…how can we reduce expenses so as to increase the “bottom line”? All numbers, oriented, practical, levelheaded issues to be addressed. And indeed, […]

Anything Can Be Divided
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Spring 2003 on April 2003
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Facts: Owner has older duplex with $30,000 appraised value and $18,000 first mortgage. Tenants have lived in both units for several years. Problem: Owner needs cash. There is limited availability of financing for investment property. No market for older duplex in this price range without carry-back financing. Solution: Owner checks subdivision regulations and obtains survey […]

All Cash…Full Prize
Posted in Autumn 2002, Formulas and Strategies on September 2002
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Many of us hear the words “all cash, full price” and shake our heads. Even then, however, there are many ways to make transactions on non-investment grade properties where the owner insists on “all cash, full price.” We have to look to the other things the Seller can do in the transaction. We have to […]