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Development – Pick the Right Professionals – The Civil Engineer
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2013 on December 2013
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This article will speak of our experience with our design architect, the professional who comes up with what the building will look like. Just as we do not pick the low bidder for our engineer, we seldom employ the most famous architect. It is our experience that famous usually translates into two things: needlessly expensive and, more importantly, someone who will ignore our ideas and design a monument to his own legend.

Hamstrung with Half a Stick and No Fuse
Posted in Fall 2013, Feature Articles on October 2013
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The most disappointing issue for us old “true exchangors” (before cash-out was available on either end) is that listing postings don’t provide enough information about the intent and circumstances of the owner who wants to change current ownership. Although some state laws and professed broker ethics suggest that such private information is detrimental to the “Seller” and should not be exposed…

Remembering Jackie Robinson
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2013 on August 2013
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I have been asked by a few of my friends and members of my family about the movie #42, which refers to Jackie Robinson’s number when he played baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers which was owned at that time by Branch Rickie. The reason I have been asked is that I played with Jackie on the Montreal team during the spring training in 1947…

Editorial Opinion: Educate Principals, their Attorney, CPA, and other Advisors
Posted in Feature Articles, Spring 2013 on April 2013
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During the many years that I have been practicing counseling and the Equity Marketing business model of focusing on ownership BENEFITS of real estate, there has been one major barrier to success. The single greatest barrier to overcome in serving my clients seems to have been the lack of even an introduction to transaction methods other than a “sale” on the part of the client and almost always on the part of their attorney, CPA or other investment advisors.

Counselors Like to Be Needed
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2012 on December 2012
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In the mid-1970s, it was early in my real estate career when I attended a six-day seminar presented by Jim Brondino and several other skilled instructors. That seminar changed my life and the way I thought about myself. Until that event, all my training related to real estate had been focused on salesmanship, with an emphasis on overcoming the buyer’s or seller’s objections.

What is a Marketing Session and Why is it a Good Thing?
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2012 on December 2012
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Beginning in the early 1960s, commercial and investment real estate professionals began meeting in small groups to brainstorm solutions to the various problems of owning and operating commercial real estate. Out of those discussions, a prominent San Diego-based realtor named Richard Reno began to formalize the discussions, and the process he and his early associates developed has evolved into today’s highly organized marketing sessions.

Gunfight at the OK Corral
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2012 on July 2012
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In 1881, in Tombstone, AZ, Virgil Earp and his brothers Morgan and Wyatt Earp, aided by Doc Holliday acting as a temporary deputy, confronted outlaw cowboys Billy and Ike Clanton, Tom McLaury and his brother Frank McLaury. Some historians say Ike and Tom were not armed. It did not go well for them. The point is: don’t go to a gunfight without a gun.

The S.E.C. as an Outlier
Posted in Feature Articles, Spring 2012 on April 2012
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Everyone thinks Bill Gates popped together a hair dryer and a couple of old telephones in his garage one afternoon to build a computer. Far from it. Bill was obsessed as a boy by the computer. He snuck into the University of Washington computer labs and stayed late while still in grade and high school.

Value Creators – Part 2
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2011 on December 2011
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In the last article I spoke about the duties of the Moderator, what price is and how it is established, client participation, and TAKERS. Now, how does the Moderator fit into this equation? Moderators must be cognizant that value equates to the sum of the benefits as may be identified and/or interpreted by each individual.

Value Creators – Part I
Posted in Fall 2011, Feature Articles on November 2011
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Moderators, by definition, are those who preside over an assembly, meeting, or discussion. In the context of our marketing session framework, a Moderator is a communication facilitator or conduit acting in the capacity of a catalyst and transaction merchant. Pursuant to these definitions are various responsibilities and functions that are implied when one accepts the role of moderating.