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Exchange Loan Back
Posted in Fall 2011, The S.E.C. History Files on November 2011
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Creative financing is the soul of real estate problem solving. It implies the use of a promissory pur¬chase money note secured by a mortgage on some parcel or parcels of real estate in some degree that is acceptable to both parties of the transaction. At first, you would think the successful degree to which this concept can be employed is limited only by the imagination of the problem solver and the motivation of the property owner…

Is a Single Member LLC Really a Single Member LLC?
Posted in Fall 2011, News from Our Sponsors on November 2011
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Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”) are all the rave today for acquiring, holding and managing real estate. They are easy to form, easy to administer, and easy to deal with for income tax purposes. This is especially true if the LLC is a Single Member Limited Liability Company (“SMLLC”) since a SMLLC is not only a “pass-thru entity” but also a “disregarded entity”…