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Clifford P. Weaver, S.E.C., CCIM (San Jose, California) was a member of the Society of Exchange Counselors. Mr. Weaver personally administered the real estate interests of multiple partnerships, corporations, and joint ventures throughout his career. His articles appeared in the leading national real estate journals. He was named S.E.C. "Counselor of the Year" in 1968, and was the 1975 President of the Society. He authored articles and books on Broker Estate Building and was a founder of the original S.E.C Real Estate News Observer. . He created a real estate education program on Broker Estate Building and taught throughout the nation in the 1970's. Known for his creativity, good nature and fun loving spirit, today, the SEC honors his name with the Cliff Weaver Award for Most Creative Transaction of the Year.©2009-2011 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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A to Z Unprofessionalism
Posted in Spring 2012, The S.E.C. History Files on 28 April 2012
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This article, while saying some “no no’s” about our profession, is written to those who most likely do not subscribe to any professional magazine or educational journals, such as the Real Estate News Ob¬server.

Personal Money Management
Posted in The S.E.C. History Files, Winter 2011 on 22 December 2011
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Frankly, it is very easy for the American public to buy a home which can be acquired from “nothing down” to “very little down.” The bright side of the picture is the fact that “little or no capital” is required for the initial down payment. However, the other side is that the monthly principal and interest is high. Few buyers take into consideration the inflationary cost of water, gas, electricity and other utilities.

Finders Keepers
Posted in Fall 2011, The S.E.C. History Files on 1 November 2011
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Did you ever roam around a new subdivision and see all of the homeowners putting in their lawns, and right in the middle of the subdivision are two vacant lots? The developer knows the value of “finders keepers.”

Experts Provide Protection
Posted in Summer 2011, The S.E.C. History Files on 15 August 2011
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Mr. and Mrs. Seller had purchased an industrial parcel of land some five years ago for $200,000…

Check Your Habits
Posted in Fall 2010, The S.E.C. History Files on 16 August 2010
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CHECK YOUR HABITS! It has been said that we are creatures of habit and Real Estate Brokers are certainly “habit” creatures.

The Nest Egg (A Basic Approach)
Posted in Spring 2010, The S.E.C. History Files on 12 April 2010
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When thinking about building their own estates, most real estate practitioners give up before they start because they don’t have a “nest egg” (a reasonable amount of cash for investment). This is a faulty concept because a practitioner can have his nest egg if he sets it as a goal.

Estate Building
Posted in Autumn 2009, The S.E.C. History Files on 25 October 2009
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“I am not the kind of person who can save money to build an estate.” The author is unknown, but often quoted. It is a fact that it takes money or assets to get started in Estate Building. Many Brokers and Salesmen will admit they are unable to create and maintain a savings account. Money is always needed for short gap emergencies like office rent, family expenses or to close a transaction. Thus, many potential estate builders cannot even get started.

You Have to Have Money to Make Money
Posted in Summer 2009, The S.E.C. History Files on 23 July 2009
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The title of this article is sheer nonsense. It’s a cliché usually uttered by those unwilling to try. “You gotta have money to make money” is an easy “cop-out” for those who lack a positive mental attitude and have no understandable plan for accomplishment. It is true that persons with money certainly have a most proper resource (and money is a resource to the estate-building real estate practitioner).

A Stick, a String, and a Carrot
Posted in Spring 2009, The S.E.C. History Files on 5 April 2009
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Many Realtors use cash to buy or control real estate for their own account. This program is OK if you have plenty of the green stuff around. However, once you use cash, it’s gone for a period of time, or what Jim Misko of Eugene, Oregon, calls “final spending.” The money is gone and gone probably when you need it.

How to Increase Your Income
Posted in The S.E.C. History Files, Winter 2009 on 6 January 2009
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The simple method of increasing income is by working on larger properties. Let’s say, for example, you are an investment broker or salesman who has specialized in selling units (duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes) and they sell from a range of $25,000 to $65,000. If you want to increase your income, all you have to do is upgrade your listing ability to start handling properties in excess of $100,000.