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Charles E. Sutherland, S.E.C. Chuck Sutherland is a national real estate developer, consultant, and speaker. Chuck has both worked with and learned from some of the most creative real estate professionals in North America to make creative transactions that close. In 2010, Chuck shared the Society of Exchange Counselors national award for the "Most Creative Transaction of the Year." The transaction involved the exchange of fifteen different properties in five states among four different parties. He demonstrates that a properly crafted deal with outstanding benefits for every party is almost impossible to be pulled apart by circumstances.©2009-2021 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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All Cash…Full Prize
Posted in Autumn 2002, Formulas and Strategies on 14 September 2002
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Many of us hear the words “all cash, full price” and shake our heads. Even then, however, there are many ways to make transactions on non-investment grade properties where the owner insists on “all cash, full price.” We have to look to the other things the Seller can do in the transaction. We have to […]