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Unpriced Exchanges and Equity Marketing
Posted in Fall 2013, Society Columns on 17 October 2013
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True exchanging is a form of barter and has been around and used throughout history. It is benefits driven — this for that — something one has or produces given for something else that one needs or desires. Benefits given for benefits received.

Little House In Dickinson
Posted in Fall 2008, Society Columns on 6 October 2008
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It was 1987. I had just completed a rather large multiple leg exchange involving 54 properties in 4 states and over 200 recordings. My client in the exchange was a lending institution based in Bismarck, North Dakota […]

Timeless Wisdom
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2002 on 11 July 2002
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An Evening with Coach John Wooden He has been referred to as the “Greatest Coach in any sport, “The Wizard of Westwood” by the media (a term he does not like), but his friends and former players just call him “Coach”. I enjoyed the experience of a lifetime recently when I was invited to visit […]