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Colby Sandlian, S.E.C. (Wichita, Kansas) has been a member of the Society of Exchange Counselors since the late 1970's, and served as its President in 1981. Among S.E.C. members and other real estate professionals, he is best known for his activities as a real estate educator, including the infamous "Broker Estate Building Classes", wherein a substantial number of real estate professionals were able to learn the elements of "creative real estate" in a practical, efficient format. Mr. Sandlian has taught other seminars in various aspects of creative real estate techniques and development of real estate.©2009-2022 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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Always do Your Work on the Front End of the Deal
Posted in Fall 2007, Formulas and Strategies on 17 September 2007
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There is nothing like closing on a parcel of land for development and finding after you close that: 1. The city is going to require you to provide a new 8″ water main to your property at a cost of $18,000.00. 2. Or the sewer cannot reach you-you are going to have to go septic, […]