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Dan Rosow, S.E.C. (Hartford, CT) is a Hartford area native. His real estate practice centers on creative thinking as it applies to Real Estate problems and Entrepreneurial business ventures. He has recently completed approximately $150,000,000 in brokered transactions, and invests for his own account. He is a broker with Sullivan Hayes Companies NE (which specializes in retail / shopping centers).©2009-2023 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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Market Update: Hartford, Connecticut
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2005 on 17 January 2005
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The real estate market is strong in our part of the country. Although my brokerage career is devoted primarily to the retail sector, I have been active in the acquisition mode of area multi- family properties (my least favorite property type to manage, yet I’m buying more of them). Even though we have had the […]