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Ron "Robbie" Robinson, S.E.C. is a commercial real estate broker based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been involved in the creative real estate market for many years. Ron is a long time member of the Society.©2009-2023 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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The Clarion Call—Who Will Heed It?
Posted in Fall - Winter 2021, Formulas and Strategies on 23 October 2021
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A book was written a few years ago that will soon become the most sought-after manual for success in commercial real estate. This book clearly demonstrates what it will take to survive in the commercial real estate business in the very near future. There are several other books on various subjects that should also be […]

Recognizing Our Real Business
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Summer 2021 on 4 July 2021
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It is important to really recognize our true business function. MBA College classes teach that it is important for any venture to have a mission statement identifying that primary function. There is a true story that occurred some years ago during a formal dinner in Paris, where there were present many industry dignitaries, and, among […]

Shopping Malls—In Trouble
Posted in Fall 2018, Society Columns on 24 August 2018
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E-commerce has taken and is continuing to take its toll on malls throughout the United States. I believe there is an answer, however. Stop and think—can you ever remember seeing or hearing an advertisement for any mall in your area? Perhaps you’ve encountered them for various shops in the mall but probably few and far […]

Driverless Vehicles
Posted in Society Columns, Summer 2018 on 25 June 2018
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Driverless Vehicles and Their Impact on Real Estate and Our Lives Ronald J. Robinson, S.E.C. You don’t have to be wizard to see what is coming down the road, no pun intended, but driverless automobiles will soon have a major impact on real estate development, not to mention our lives and the changes that will […]

The Code of the West
Posted in Society Columns, Spring 2009 on 5 April 2009
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Jim Keller, a fellow S.E.C. Member, and I read western lore avidly, and have been doing so for more years then we care to remember. We both agree that the Western world of old, which we have grown to love, accurately depicts the true meaning of Americana.

Off-Plan Investments
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, San Francisco 2005 on 17 December 2005
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Pre-construction or off-plan is a way to invest for yourself and your clients in real estate developments before or while they are being built. You or your clients through this method provide capital for real estate developers at the planning stage of the development. This type of investment offers easy and convenient portfolio diversification with […]

New Tax Break
Posted in Autumn 2005, Feature Articles on 17 September 2005
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Perhaps your accountant has already informed you of the new tax break that applies to those of us in the building business. Starting in January 2005, there is a 3%-of-income deduction for qualifying businesses. You should ask your accountant to look into the new section 199 of the tax code. A little research will allow […]

A Business Plan: Who Needs It?
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Summer 2004 on 17 July 2004
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Let me ask you a question, would you ever consider the construction of a home or any building for that matter, without a detail set of plans to guide you to a successful completion of given project? The answer of course is absolutely not. Yet many embark upon complicated endeavors in the area of real […]