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R. Royce Ringsdorf was born and raised in the Midwest, received his secondary education at the Missouri School of Mines, and Bakersfield College where he majored in Business Administration. Receiving his real estate license in 1956, Ringsdorf worked principally in the sales area until 1966 when he began his specialization in the real estate exchange field. He is a past member of the Society of Exchange Counselors.©2009-2023 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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Are You a Fervent Feldon?
Posted in Summer 2015, The S.E.C. History Files on 2 August 2015
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Are you one of the Fervent Few? And who, you may ask, are the Fervent Few? They’re that group of people, or perhaps we should more specifically say real estate licensees, who look around and see a group of outstanding people in the real estate field doing extremely well.

Three Legs – A Barnyard Story
Posted in Summer 2012, The S.E.C. History Files on 16 July 2012
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Enclosed please find a little story I have written. Glen Campbell, President of The San Joaquin Valley Exchangors, died Wednesday, June 19th, of a heart attack. He was an excellent President and a good Exchangor.

The KISS Formula
Posted in Summer 2003, The S.E.C. History Files on 15 July 2003
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KISS. Not just a romantic or affectionate action. The K.I.S.S. Formula is one thing that we, in the real estate and especially the exchange business, should never forget. It means – Keep It Simple, Stupid!! The Keep It Simple speaks for itself and the Stupid is there to get your attention. It is amazing how […]