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Andrew M. Plunkett is a partner at Childress Duffy, Ltd., headquartered in Chicago. He focuses his practice on the handling and resolution of insurance disputes on behalf of policyholders nationwide. He represents corporate, public, and private policyholders in large property losses both in terms of benefits recovery and coverage issues. He advises, consults, and represents the insured on insurance policy interpretation and loss valuation to ensure the fair resolution to a claim, as well as identifying additional funding when acts or omissions of third parties contributed to the loss.©2009-2023 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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Responding to Catastrophic Loss
Posted in News from Our Sponsors, Spring 2011 on 25 April 2011
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In response to requests following my presentation, “Responding to Catastrophic Loss,” I have prepared a list of the emergency steps that the property owner should take immediately after the property sustains a disaster.