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Bryan Neal, S.E.C is based in Tyler, Texas. Bryan has transacted $250 million in residential/commercial real estate through various partnerships and his own account. Bryan has over 20 years of real estate experience, and continues in the management and ownership of many different property types. Bryan has also been active in the ground-up development and construction of duplex communities and residential subdivisions, as well as a number of retail, office, and industrial properties. He specializes in purchasing underperforming properties and enhancing their performance through skilled management, strategic leasing, and property improvements. Bryan serves on the Executive Committee of the Society as the President in 2022.©2009-2023 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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S.E.C. Membership
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Winter 2022 on 18 December 2022
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Many of us have recently returned from another successful meeting in Tampa, Florida. David Cook and Noah Ruggieri did a great job as our meeting managers, drawing out a lot of product while integrating some great discussions and presentations into the agenda. It was also another very well-attended meeting, with over 110 in attendance for […]

Leaving a Legacy
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Spring 2022 on 1 May 2022
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The last two years have been a season of loss for many people, and unfortunately, the Society of Exchange Counselors is no exception.  We have had to say goodbye to several of our S.E.C greats. While we grieve the loss of our friends, we recognize and celebrate the lives they led.  In reflecting on these […]

A Meeting of the Minds
Posted in Fall - Winter 2021, S.E.C. President's Message on 23 October 2021
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A Meeting of the Minds: A Recap I recently attended a brainstorming roundtable session with a group of businessmen. In attendance were commercial real estate practitioners (including several SECs), a residential real estate powerbroker, a health-care professional, an IT engineer, and a builder. This was a fairly diverse group with a wide range of ages […]