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Daniel J. Murphy, S.E.C., CCIM is President of American Heritage Corporation based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. His company is an active real estate developer and investor specializing in REO, Rehab, and Industrial property. American Heritage also acts as a real estate financier for select projects. Dan is a former member of the S.E.C. Board of Governors.©2009-2023 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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Murphy’s Laws of Real Estate
Posted in Fall 2018, Feature Articles on 24 August 2018
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Murphy’s First Rule: If it can go wrong in a real estate transaction, it will! Keep in mind that Murphy is an optimist! Nonrecourse Financing You’ve just signed your loan application and are excited that you have “No Personal Liability” other than the carve outs for real estate taxes and environmental issues. The loan is: […]

Posted in Fall 2010, Formulas and Strategies on 16 August 2010
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When I asked other S.E.C.s how much they prepared for a meeting, the response I got most often was “Preparation…Hell, I’m too busy ‘to prepare’,” hence, Preparation…H. As I look back at my thirty years in the Society, I’m in the same boat. We are all running hard and fast between business, family, and life in general, but how much time do you actually spend preparing for a meeting? How do you prepare?