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Use My Equity
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Summer 2019 on 3 July 2019
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How often do you wonder about the added yield potential of the free and clear property and/or other equity sitting dormant in your portfolio? Many times, developers, investors, and/or business owners (hereinafter called the “Sponsor”) are short on capital to get quality deals funded. The banks or other lenders may have shown interest in funding […]

News from Canada
Posted in In the Spotlight, Summer 2018 on 24 June 2018
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Editor’s Note: Although Darryl has not been traveling to meetings as much recently, he wants everyone to know that he still cherishes his Society of Exchange Counselors (S.E.C.) membership.  He has been busy just north of the border working on a new website to benefit commercial real estate brokers and agents.  Below is an excerpt […]

US–Canada Economic Relations
Posted in Fall 2016, Feature Articles on 13 October 2016
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NO TWO NATIONS MATCH UP MORE CLOSELY TOGETHER OR ARE WOVEN TOGETHER MORE DEEPLY, ECONOMICALLY, AND CULTURALLY THAN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA. In December 2010, I wrote an introductory article for the Observer about Canada. It summarized macro-demographics, economy, Canada–US relations, and so on. A review of that article can reacquaint. My observation over […]

Canada – Northern Neighbor to the U.S.
Posted in December 2010, Feature Articles on 13 December 2010
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A discussion on Canada has been requested. To that end, below we will touch briefly on Canada Demographics, Canada’s Economy, My Target Market, Canadian Taxes and Summary U.S./Canada Relations…