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Joe Crowley, S.E.C. is based in Reno, Nevada. As the founder and principal of Equity Investments, Joe Crowley has provided superior, innovative services to assist investors in the development of real estate strategies and innovative solutions to fulfill investment goals for over 25 years. Joe brings specific expertise in creative real estate development solutions, land planning, building rehabilitation, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, crowd funding, and offshore real estate investment. Joe serves on the S.E.C. Education Foundation as the 2022 President.©2009-2022 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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S.E.C. Education Foundation News
Posted in S.E.C. Education Foundation, Spring 2022 on 1 May 2022
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The Articles of Incorporation were filed with the IRS on May 29, 2001, at 3:20 p.m.  The I.R.S. granted us 501 © (3) status on January 18, 2002. Since that time, the Foundation has sought pledges, donations, and funds from various individuals and companies, in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation. As set out in […]

Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Summer 2021 on 4 July 2021
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Have a great summer and Members & invited guests plan to be at the 60th anniversary.

Spring Is In The Air
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Spring 2021 on 27 February 2021
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Springtime is for cleaning. Getting rid of the old things we do not use or are outdated. Remembering the past and lessons it has taught us is good, but live in the today and embrace the future. As we age, many of us tend to live in the past. Clinging to what we had, blinds […]

President’s Message
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Winter 2020-2021 on 15 December 2020
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Welcome to the Society of Exchange Counselors Joe Crowley, S.E.C. 2021 President A Little History In November, 1961, nineteen Realtors met with the common goal of forming a national organization composed of individuals who were committed to practicing creative real estate and counseling. This was the first meeting of the Society of Exchange Counselors and […]