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Jim Brondino, S.E.C., CCIM (Ontario, California) is president of Brondino & Associates based in Ontario, California. He is a nationally known real estate educator whose class "Counseling for Action" is recognized as the premier education program for real estate counselors and brokers. His firm specializes in asset management, consulting and exchanging. Jim served as president of the Society in 2005, and he was the 1996 SEC Counselor of the Year.©2009-2023 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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Value Creators – Part 2
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2011 on 22 December 2011
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In the last article I spoke about the duties of the Moderator, what price is and how it is established, client participation, and TAKERS. Now, how does the Moderator fit into this equation? Moderators must be cognizant that value equates to the sum of the benefits as may be identified and/or interpreted by each individual.

Value Creators – Part I
Posted in Fall 2011, Feature Articles on 1 November 2011
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Moderators, by definition, are those who preside over an assembly, meeting, or discussion. In the context of our marketing session framework, a Moderator is a communication facilitator or conduit acting in the capacity of a catalyst and transaction merchant. Pursuant to these definitions are various responsibilities and functions that are implied when one accepts the role of moderating.

Presenting the Taker
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2010 on 28 December 2009
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Knowing the client is one of the major keys. This takes time and preparation. Finding out what is important to the client, and not you, is critical. By approaching the client in this manner a rapport and a relationship is established. This relationship involves establishing an orderly way to address the client’s needs and solving the “problem” the client is experiencing. In order to achieve the relationship one must delve into the client’s past, their current state of affairs and what they expect in the future. This allows you to understand the entire picture of the client’s circumstances. Understanding the total set of circumstances surrounding the client provides us with the information we can draw upon to formulate, create, and design a feasible transaction.

What has THAT got to do with Counseling
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2008 on 31 July 2008
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In one way or another, we have encountered and/or studied something about counseling. We have then been told how important, in fact crucial, counseling is to a successful real estate practice. But alas, the most important ingredient to effective counseling is often glossed over, underrated or just plain forgotten – LISTENING. But what has THAT got to do with counseling?! […]

Knowledge is Power – or Is It?
Posted in Fall 2006, S.E.C. Education Foundation on 17 September 2006
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We have heard it ringing in our ears ever since we were old enough to attend school — knowledge is power. One of the great challenges for us is to learn to efficiently leverage that knowledge. I prefer to take the concept even one step further. Power is created by the successful application of knowledge, […]

How About Those Broker Owned Presentations?
Posted in Fall 2006, Feature Articles on 17 September 2006
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There is no getting around it. Generally broker-owned presentations are tough to moderate and listen to at best. Let’s examine the reasons for this so that broker-owned presenters are allowed to be the best they can possibly be. One of the basic principles of real estate counseling is to be objective. Whether the client realizes […]

Think Inside the Box
Posted in S.E.C. Education Foundation, Summer 2006 on 17 July 2006
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How many times has it been said, “think outside the box?” How can one think outside the box, if they do not know and understand what is inside the box? The workings inside the box, knowing what and how the elements inside the box operate, are the foundation for thinking outside the box! Artists, architects, […]

The EDF and an MRI
Posted in S.E.C. Education Foundation, Spring 2006 on 17 May 2006
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The Education Foundation (EDF) of the Society of Exchange Counselors has been in existence for over three years. In that time, the Foundation has made valiant attempts to fulfill its Mission Statement: “The Mission of the S.E.C. Education Foundation is to encourage, sponsor and promote education programs in creative real estate.” The Foundation has met […]

A Gift
Posted in S.E.C. Education Foundation, Winter 2006 on 17 February 2006
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We have just past through the rush of gift giving and receiving. It was fun, hectic, frenetic and pleasurable. But for the most part, it is a fleeting experience. Now, how would you like to give a gift that was inexpensive and would be greatly appreciated? A gift that might change a life and could […]

What is in Our Name? (Part III)
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, San Francisco 2005 on 17 December 2005
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This is the last in the series of WHAT’S IN A NAME? More specifically, WHAT IS IN OUR NAME- Society of Exchange Counselors. This article focuses on the last word in our name, COUNSELOR. In the first article, I presented an overview of the topic. In the second article, I focused on the word SOCIETY. […]