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One of the best sites on the internet for analytical data and timely information on market trends around the nation.
A site to get maps, driving instructions with driving time and distance, and aerial photos. To enhance you backup package, print out maps in different scales and aerial photos to show the surrounding properties.
A site to locate real estate services, demographics, real estate software, etc. A good starting point for your search on any aspect of real estate.
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This is THE site for real estate investment trusts.
These guys will get the real estate news from all sources and email it to you (daily or weekly).
Excellent source for commercial real estate information.
Real Estate Research Corporation's web site - worth a look.
If you are looking for a commercial real estate data source, check this site. They provide balanced, locally driven exchange and research solutions that improve the quality of market information available to all commercial real estate professionals.
This is an excellent resource for marketing communication services. The creator and developer of the new Real Estate News Observer, the Evergreen Management Group offers superior quality, boundless creativity, and seamless execution.
Property Exchange Register is a listing service for real estate exchange and investment property globally. It includes a Specialists directory. Based in San Diego, the website features San Diego County's real estate Have-Want needs.


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