S.E.C. Education Foundation News

S.E.C. Education Foundation News
Joe Crowley, S.E.C.

2022 S.E.C. Education Foundation President

The Education Foundation has hosted five very successful education classes in the past year in association with the S.E.C. meetings. We have also sponsored several local education sessions in different regions of the country as well as sponsored regional marketing sessions. (Please note that if we are in your region holding a class, anyone can attend that class and there is no need to have a real estate license.) Throughout the year the board has been involved in searching out new and enhanced education courses as well as promoting our scholarships and grants.

We encourage everyone to sign into the new S.E.C. Education Foundation website  https://secedfoundation.com/ and find all our forms and applications are now online.

We wish to thank all our supporters through raffles and donation that help us to provide the Education courses we present at a reduced cost to the attendees.

Any suggestions or input you the reader may have are most welcome.

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