S.E.C. Education Foundation News

The Articles of Incorporation were filed with the IRS on May 29, 2001, at 3:20 p.m.  The I.R.S. granted us 501 © (3) status on January 18, 2002.

Since that time, the Foundation has sought pledges, donations, and funds from various individuals and companies, in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation.

As set out in the Articles of Incorporation, we have sponsored real estate education classes for both national groups and local chapters of the creative real estate market.  Additionally, we have, over the years, given numerous scholarship awards to individuals attending college and given grants to individuals and charities in need because of a major catastrophe.  Some of our education sessions are a one-day course and others are either two- or three-day courses.  Most classes charge a nominal fee to participants to help subsidize the sizable expense of each course.  We established the Jack Hunt Excellence in Education award to recognize instructors and volunteers who devote many hours to education on real estate.

We are looking to expand our scholarship grants and hope to fulfill the vision of the original Incorporation.  We have been able to do this through the generous donations from individuals, educators, and sponsors.

This year, we have a few goals we would like to accomplish as follows:

  • Increasing our sponsors by having a company come alongside the Foundation as a sponsor for an education class
  • Developing our own website
  • Diversifying the topics on the courses we currently offer
  • Reaching out to universities and colleges that have a degree program in real estate to let them know about the Foundation and the scholarships we offer

Any suggestions or inputs readers may have are most welcome.


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