Leaving a Legacy

The last two years have been a season of loss for many people, and unfortunately, the Society of Exchange Counselors is no exception.  We have had to say goodbye to several of our S.E.C greats.

While we grieve the loss of our friends, we recognize and celebrate the lives they led.  In reflecting on these losses, it becomes apparent that these men and women embodied many characteristics and qualities that we should all strive to model.  These characteristics are ones that touched and left a lasting impact on their loved ones and families, their friends, their business associates, and their communities; it is their legacy.  I would like to focus on several of these legacies that were illustrated in the lives of one or all of these greats:

  1. A Legacy of Friendship. Their lives were enriched by the presence of close friends.  They were loved by many, and they shared the blessing of true friendship with many.  A good number of those friendships have been formed right here—the Society has been responsible for countless true and dear, lasting friendships.  These friendships transcend the business of real estate and the next deal, and exemplify the enjoyment of what life is all about.
  2. A Legacy of Selflessness. They gave back.  The Society has a legacy (and is distinguished by having a history) of selfless givers and people who truly care about others’ well-being and success.  They have continuously reached out to others to offer assistance on a deal or problem that needed to be solved.  They acted as a sounding board for others.  They have been mentors, taking those who are younger or new to creative real estate under their wings to help them in their endeavors.  They were there to provide encouragement or counsel, were generous with their time, and positively impacted those around them.
  3. A Legacy of Integrity. Their word was their bond.  They did not mince words; they said what they meant, and they meant what they said.  And when they said it, you could depend on it.
  4. A Legacy of Creative Real Estate. Real estate was in their blood, but their true passion was creative real estate.  They were tireless advocates of this approach to real estate.   Recognizing that real estate is a people business, they placed emphasis on the relationships, client counseling, and motivations that drive deals.  They seemed to have endless energy, and the word “retirement” was not in their vocabulary; they continued to practice their craft until the end.
  5. A Legacy of Education. Not only did they hold an immense amount of knowledge and experience, they committed to and practiced educating others to share the same.   They were always trying to introduce others to our ways, and they invested much effort to that end.  Whether that was by practicing mentoring, teaching education sessions, organizing and promoting marketing meetings, or something else, the end goal was always to further the cause of educating others in creative real estate.
  6. A Legacy of Influence. They were true leaders who used their strengths and skillsets to positively influence those they came in contact with.  Whether it was on a longtime partner or friend, or on someone they just met, they left lasting impressions.  They were involved in the Society, in their churches, and in their communities, and they touched all those whom they came in contact with.  They were respected by their peers and looked up to.  They brought out the best in those around them while at the same time inspiring them to be better.
  7. A Legacy of Success. They believed that you could achieve anything you set your mind to.  That there were no limits to what you could accomplish.  And many of them went on to do just that not only in their own careers but also for their communities.
  8. A Legacy of Faith. Their faith shaped them and guided them and formed an important part of who they were as people.

These greats have contributed immensely to the Society over the years.  We can best remember and honor those who have gone on before us by continuing their legacy.  We would all do well to model these characteristics and seek to imitate them in our businesses and daily lives.

May we have the same things said about us someday when we are gone.

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