The Clarion Call—Who Will Heed It?

A book was written a few years ago that will soon become the most sought-after manual for success in commercial real estate. This book clearly demonstrates what it will take to survive in the commercial real estate business in the very near future. There are several other books on various subjects that should also be studied if one is to survive. There is no time to waste; the party is all but over. The ease with which most have prospered in the real estate business for the past several years will not last much longer. Many will ignore this and go merrily on their way. History is filled with such examples, as the old phrase “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” shows.

Mr. Robert Steele wrote the book I referred to above, 300 Strategies for Making Real Estate and Business Transactions, and it provides 300 ways to creatively market real estate. I will explain why knowledge of creative real estate will become a necessity for survival in the near future.

There is no question that our economy is on the brink of a major collapse. Inflation will bring about the collapse of the dollar. The IMF has already developed their currency for international settlements, for which the dollar was used until recently. Soon, our dollars will fall from grace as an international exchange. The Fed Chairman has already stated that “Fed Coin” currency could become a reality sooner than later. He has also stated that inflation is transitory and will not be a problem. This is either an intentional or misguided avoidance of reality.

I mention all of this to establish that monumental changes will soon be upon us and the entire world. As our economic situation changes, we must prepare for survival in the real estate business. The only solution is to learn alternative techniques and use the formulas provided in Bob Steele’s book. Those who know how to perform creative transactions even in the toughest times will prevail and prosper during all economic cycles.

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