Real-Life 3-Way in Process

Another SanderBoard-Generated Transaction

Seller 1—Peter & Corey
Buyer 1—Jason
Buyer 2—Dale

Seller 1—Peter and Corey decided to sell their property. They had owned and operated some apartments and had improved their value as planned, so it was time to move on to the next deal. They were interested in an exchange into a new project, but they weren’t sure what they wanted.

Buyer 1—Jason saw the property at the S.E.C. Greenville meeting and jumped at the chance to purchase it, but he had a piece of land and cash that really wasn’t what Peter and Corey desired. So unfortunately, the purchase did not look like it was going to work out.

Buyer 2—Dale had condos for sale. Jason did like the condos, but he still really wanted the apartments. Dale was open to just about anything; he would trade up, take cash, or take cash and something else, and he was willing to be creative.

During the meeting, through the SanderBoard, we learned that Peter and Corey really liked the condos. Dr. Sanders realized that although Peter and Corey already said they weren’t interested in Jason’s offer, something extremely interesting was about to happen.

Dale decided to offer his condos to Jason for his land and cash as a way to go “down and out.” Jason was willing to accept the condos but still really wanted the apartments, so he balanced equities with Dale and then took his new property to Peter and Corey, who were ready to move forward. They balanced equities, and everyone went home happy!

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