Inside this Issue – Fall – Winter 2021

Welcome to the Fall-Winter 2021 issue of the S.E.C. Observer. In this issue, Bryan Neal, S.E.C., 2021 President of the Society, outlines how a brainstorming session resulted in a meeting of the minds.

Brandon Sanders, S.E.C., provides an example of his Sander Web, a creative way to manufacture transactions; Jason Mittman, S.E.C., CCIM, explains why there is power in the ability to say no; Brandon describes a real-life three-way exchange in process; Ron J. Robinson, S.E.C., cautions that we should heed the clarion call; and Steve Fithian, S.E.C., 2021 president of the S.E.C. Education Foundation, gives us an update on the foundation’s activities. The Society News Briefs section includes information about our upcoming meetings in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a presentation by Charles E. Sutherland, S.E.C., of his Creative Real Estate Formulas Course. You will also find information about the upcoming S.E.C. marketing session in Houston, Texas, in January, and immediately prior to the meeting, Gene Trowbridge, Esq., CCIM, will present his Syndicating and Crowdfunding course.

Rod M. Stewart, S.E.C., is featured in memoriam in In the Spotlight, in honor of his service to his community and the real estate industry. In the History Files, Ted Blank, S.E.C., CCIM, describes why the 45-day identification period in an exchange is a pressure cooker.

Enjoy this issue. As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and submissions of articles to be considered for publication. Please contact the S.E.C. office via email at

Lani Veler, CCIM
Executive Director, S.E.C. Observer

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