Spring Is In The Air

Springtime is for cleaning. Getting rid of the old things we do not use or are outdated. Remembering the past and lessons it has taught us is good, but live in the today and embrace the future. As we age, many of us tend to live in the past. Clinging to what we had, blinds us to new and different possibilities.

“SEC isn’t stuck in the past. It isn’t just a ‘60’s or ‘70’s institution.”

This past year has been exceptionally challenging for our Market. It has changed the focus of many of us on the type of asset we would traditionally work and invest in. Everyone seems to chase the product that is the hottest in the market whether it be apartments, industrial, flex space, etc., and shun the product that has lost it’s brilliant glow, like office, and retail. This is a time that we should pursue not just the hottest… as they are over priced a lot of times. We need to focus on the silver lining in the less attractive properties not the easy transaction that has a minimal upside potential or none at all. If you believe the proclaimed “experts”, everyone is fleeing either coast for the Mid West or the South. No one should limit themselves to one area that may be hot today, only to become like a momentary Trend.

“Question everything and everyone, including Socrates, who questioned everything. Strive to change the world in such a way that there is no further need to be need dissident.”

We all need to keep our minds open and clear to possibilities for the sow’s ear that can be turned into a silk purse.

Remember, Spring is a time for cleaning house. Out with the old set ways and embrace the future and all the possibilities it brings.

 Editor’s Note:  The author requested that this article be published exactly as submitted with no editing, corrections, or changes.

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