President’s Message

In this article I am going to take a break from my three previous articles that focused on the economy and our real estate business and investments. The Society is more than just a commercial real estate organization. We are a group that cares about people. This article will focus on the people of our organization and their needs.

We are in the middle of dealing with COVID-19, social unrest, and a rapidly declining economy.  It is easy to drift into a state of depression. I see it in myself, and it is all around me. Impatient and discourteous drivers. Irate customers not wanting to wear masks. Our inability to gather with friends and family. Social unrest and riots and violence that do not seem to end.

I am no medical expert, but I am aware of the damage that depression can cause. It impacts us individually and those around us. It can lead to serious medical conditions and death. For most people, depression does not cause serious or lasting problems, but it is certainly a damper on an otherwise peaceful existence.

I am certain that we have Members, Candidates, and Guests in the Society who are suffering from depression. And it is unlikely that the underlying issues at the root of our depression are going to lighten up for some time. I bring this topic up because most successful people are embarrassed to talk about such issues. This trait is especially prevalent in men, and last time I looked at our roster, the majority of our Members and Guests are men.

We cannot control most of the circumstances that cause our depression, but we can control how we react to such challenges. Depression is a state of mind. One person can have extreme challenges and react totally different from how another person handles the same challenge. Depression can be overcome by love and assistance from others. We will all benefit from a group that helps its own.

Research shows that people who practice self-control reap a host of benefits, including fewer physical and mental health problems and a longer lifespan, more success in school and work, greater popularity with others, fewer arguments, and better relationships says Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist and professor at the University of Queensland in Australia who has studied self-control for 30 years.

As S.E.C. Members, Candidates, and Guests, we are all part of an organization that is unlike any professional origination that I have been a part of. The S.E.C. is truly a family and the organization and structure is designed to support its Members. That support takes many facets. Me and my family have personally been the beneficiary of the love and support of the organization. Ask me how we have been blessed by this organization. I am happy to share, one on one, with anyone the blessings that I have received from the S.E.C. and from its Members.

We have Members who have faced huge obstacles in their lives from physical challenges to financial devastation. These Members have overcome these obstacles though the help of other Members and friends, from spiritual assistance, and from sheer determination. Our Society is well poised to help others who are facing challenges in this current environment.

If you are one of the people that I identify as a survivor of past challenges, you have keen insight into what it takes to come out strong from such a challenge. You have the training and experience to help those in need today. It is your obligation and role in the S.E.C. to be aware of others who are in need now. It is your time to give back to the Society for those who helped you in your time of need. This assistance can come in many ways. Some will be in need of creative counseling with troubled deals. There will be some with financial needs. Those in need of emotional support. Those with troubled marriages. Apply the counseling tools that we have been taught, and apply them to the needs of those around you.

We belong to a loving organization that cares for people. This organization just happens to revolve around commercial real estate. We need to be aware of our surroundings. There are most likely hurting people around you. Spend the time to get to know people and identify needs or problems where people are struggling. We can all do small things individually that make a huge impact not only our group but on the entire world.


  1. Steve,
    Appreciate the break from the market, it will be here today and tomorrow, and we will figure it out. What is most important are people. Getting through this takes compassion, patience and faith. I encourage practicing all three each day.

  2. Well written Steve…….The family, and the trust of the family members, is the most important part.

  3. Well said Steve. Depression is easy to acquire and hard to lose. Don’t start the path!