Shopping Malls—In Trouble

E-commerce has taken and is continuing to take its toll on malls throughout the United States. I believe there is an answer, however. Stop and think—can you ever remember seeing or hearing an advertisement for any mall in your area? Perhaps you’ve encountered them for various shops in the mall but probably few and far between for the mall itself. Shopping mall owners need to take action to bring people back, and doing so will take some creativity on their part. Here is one solution that I think will work:

MUSIC. Yes, music, and not the canned type, but good music, the BIG BAND STYLE, MUSIC FROM THE LATE THIRTIES AND FORTIES. There is a reawaking for this music, yes, and by the younger generation as well the Greatest Generation. It is the music of the past, but it is filled with melodious sounds that make us want to dance. Who does not thrill to the sound of “In the Mood” or “String of Pearls.” This music still exists, and there are countess musicians anxious to play it in the United States. Performed live in shopping malls, it would bring all generations to listen, perhaps to dance—and most of all, since they are there, to SHOP.

The individual shops in the malls would be eager to contribute to offset this expense to the mall owners because their sales would go up and the mall would once again return to its proper place, as it was before e-commerce. Good marketing will always overcome adversity.

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