Presenting a Package

(Think Big or Small …… but Think!)

Editor’s Note:  This article first appeared in the August 1977 issue of the Real Estate News Observer.

The package (information about a property) must be very clear and state exactly what the package represents. If a combination package or pitch isn’t clear, very few people will take the time or the effort to try to figure it out. Even an excellent moderator cannot do his best with a poorly prepared and presented package. To be properly presented, a package must be considered the most important part of your listing. It must provide a clear picture to all the prospective “takers” in the room.

Presenting a package expresses the broker’s personal­ity. A property presentation is only as good as its maker. Presenta­tion of a package is really a de­mand for action, getting a group to work out a solution to whatever problem there is. Good exchang­ors present their packages to com­mand attention and the exchangor is never uncertain or misleading.

An exchangor is both creative and imaginative. His ob­jective is to be convincing and he intends to make people act. At the conclusion of a package presentation, the moderator asks “How many of you are going to make an offer on this property?” A show of hands will demonstrate how well the property, the package, and the pitch were delivered.

Sometimes necessary infor­mation is “not available” – especially if it is negative information. Negative information about a property is just as (and perhaps more) important than positive in­formation even if it initially seems to hurt your presentation. If you don’t include the information, when it later comes to light it can be fatal to the transaction and your reputation.

There is no such thing as a property presentation that cannot be the basis for an award winning suggestion that results in a closed transaction. No idea is too small to suggest if it saves time, generates interest, or makes a transaction possible. The big transactions make the head­lines – but the bulk of the “awards” and closed transactions are little ones.

Most large transactions are concluded by professionals with proven reputations and knowledge.  Attendees at a marketing session continually produce the greatest number of ideas that result in closings. Many are so simple and ob­vious they may have been overlooked for years.  Do your homework, and bring the best and most accurate package to your next marketing session, then be prepared to accept an offer and open escrow.

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