Facebook Live Opportunities

Facebook Live: Opportunities for Real Estate Brokers

For the past two years I’ve been experimenting with social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Entire books can be and have been written about each platform. Today I’ll concentrate on my favorite platform, Facebook (fb), and specifically, Facebook Live.

I opened my fb account about five years ago, and it remained dormant for several years. A couple of years ago I began posting messages on it, mostly related to real estate, and began growing my following. It started to grow on me as I connected with more personal friends and business associates. My goal wasn’t to “monetize” my page but follow where it led me.

The next phase in my participation was fb’s announcement of Facebook Live, a broadcasting platform that allows you to click a few buttons and broadcast to the world anything you want to talk about. All kinds of broadcasts popped up, including a sprinkling of real estate–related shows pitching properties for sale and “how to” enhance your real estate business and career. On a lark I clicked the right buttons, and there I was—LIVE—and somewhat scared about looking foolish.

In phase three, I began to think seriously about creating a series of broadcasts, with two goals:

(a) educating others about the benefits of Reno-based education and the importance of counseling; and (b) promoting national (S.E.C. and N.C.E.), regional, and local meetings that followed the Reno format. I think it’s safe to say the jury is still out as to whether I’ve been successful. My viewing audience is growing, and, importantly, I’m having fun along the way with my fb character, the “Realestatedoctor.”

The biggest potential I see is to create an interview show that highlights up-and-coming

Exchange meetings by interviewing the leaders and/or meeting managers and participants of the meetings before, during, and after they occur to explain and summarize the benefits of attending. The ability to create these interviews has been enhanced greatly by a recent app, BeLive.tv, which greatly simplifies and enhances the ability to broadcast these shows with a more professional look.

In summary, I would encourage you to begin experimenting with the Facebook Live capabilities. There are DOZENS of YouTube videos explaining how to use this tool. And don’t forget to have fun!

To view several of my videos, go to my Facebook page and search for Edward Berlinski in the search box. When you get to my page click on “videos.” You can also access several of my videos on YouTube by going to YouTube and typing “Realestatedoctor” in the search box.

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