Inside this Issue – Summer 2018

Welcome to the summer 2018 issue of the S.E.C. Observer. In this issue, Brandon Sanders, S.E.C., 2018 president of the Society, recaps our recent meeting in Greenville and invites you to plan for our meeting in Detroit in September.

Ernie Eden, S.E.C., CCIM, shares many useful techniques to “add value to apartment communities.”  Mark Johnson, S.E.C., CCIM, asks “what you would do” in a situation he recently experienced, and Ron Robinson, S.E.C., imagines the future of real estate and the “world around us as the use of driverless vehicles” becomes the norm.  Bob Steele, S.E.C., shares two excellent strategies for counseling and offer presentations.  The S.E.C. Education Foundation’s 2018 president, Lance Warner, S.E.C., reports on recent and upcoming courses.

The Society News Briefs section includes information about our upcoming meetings in Detroit, Michigan, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as well as preliminary information about our economic tour in Detroit and an excellent new course, “Exchange Magic,” which will be presented by Gary Vandenberg in November.

Darryl McCullough, from Canada, with information about his exciting new website is featured In the Spotlight.  C. Charles Chatham promotes “making haste slowly” when counseling, and William W. Martin shares “private financing” techniques for success in the History Files.

Enjoy this issue. As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and submissions of articles to be considered for publication. Please contact the S.E.C. office via e-mail at

Jackie Hellingson
Editor, S.E.C. Observer

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