Driverless Vehicles

Driverless Vehicles and Their Impact on Real Estate and Our Lives

Ronald J. Robinson, S.E.C.

You don’t have to be wizard to see what is coming down the road, no pun intended, but driverless automobiles will soon have a major impact on real estate development, not to mention our lives and the changes that will occur.

I will touch upon some issues, and with a little thought I am sure you readers will come up with more. To start with, parking lots will become things of the past. With driverless vehicles, why do you need to park? This alone will have a major impact on building requirements. Plans can now expand to the extent that a larger building can be built on a smaller piece of property; without the need for parking areas, a building’s footprint can change materially. Existing parking lots and parking areas will offer expansion on existing properties, the likes of which we can only imagine.

The driverless vehicle will open new doors for movement throughout our land. Imagine what a blessing this will be for those who are unable to drive for any number of reasons. Owning an automobile will become thing of the past—as will driving. You will have a monthly subscription to a stable of driverless vehicles, which, upon entering a request on your cell phone, will appear at your front door or office as you leisurely travel, reviewing your plans for the day or the events of the day while returning home.

Naturally, these events will not occur overnight, but those among us who are young should begin to think of the changes that will come about and make plans to financially benefit. If we survive the coming years, I see a bright golden age on the horizon.

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