President’s Message

My #1 Goal This Year Requires Your Help

I have thought a lot over the past two or three years about my upcoming responsibilities as 2018 president.  It’s difficult to deliver an “agenda,” especially to a group of people who have taught me most of my skills along the way.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a few of the most important items I plan to concentrate on this year, and hopefully it will spur some individual thought and action so together we can make a difference.

In December the Sanders’s traveling circus took a family trip to Disney World.  While walking to different bus lines at the happiest place on earth, I noticed areas under construction that were filled with quotes from Walt Disney. There were several motivational thoughts, but one in particular stood out: “You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world . . . but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”  It’s not rocket science, and it is something I feel we all know deep in our hearts, but ask yourself: Are you personally doing something to help make a dream a reality?  I would like to focus on the Society particularly, but regardless of where your focus might be, I challenge you to make one small change in 2018 that might help your vision materialize.

For the Society, my main focus is production. I personally feel that successful production will take care of just about every other area.  If people are having fun and they are also successful, the rest falls into place.  The Society consists of a group of individuals with some of the most creative minds I have ever seen.  The ideas and the brainstorming sessions that come out of our marketing sessions are incredible.  I can remember hearing presentations over the years that appeared to have no possible solution, but as details were provided to the group, these problems were solved and transactions were created.  I have been very fortunate to hear these ideas, and in some cases I have been able to use them to help others as problems arise outside of the meetings.  The education that takes place in the room is one of a kind, and even more incredible is the help offered by our members without wanting to receive anything in return.  Those types of stories are what set us aside from virtually anyone else in the business.

My goal for the year will be Market—Educate—Excite.  Now, the call is for your help.  I have asked a number of old and new members as well as guests what we can do to achieve successful production, and the response has been fairly consistent—we want more . . .

  • Creative sessions, brainstorming from the room
  • Real-life stories, new stories, and formulas
  • Formal presentations of award winners
  • Panel discussions, individual market updates and trends
  • Guest speakers, and so on

Ask and you shall receive!  We have already started implementing new ideas that will further distinguish the Society as a leader in our industry, but I am going to lean on my peers to turn this dream into reality.  Take a look at the list above and think about a place where you can help make an impact.  I would like to see more involvement, new stories, more energy in the room.  This isn’t a job for one person—but many hands make light work.

We had over 90 people in the room at the last meeting.  That’s a lot of brainpower, and you can imagine how many ideas were provided and how much discussion took place.  Make an effort to attend this year on a regular basis.  While at the meetings, make sure to participate along the way and help offer some creative ideas.  Finally, try to check your email later or during breaks; the room thrives on each of our thoughts and knowledge.



  1. Good ideas Brandon! My best wishes for successful year!

  2. Good thoughts Brandon, thanks for sharing! My best to you this year!