Ask These Questions First

Editor’s Note:  This article first appeared in the April 1975 edition of the Real Estate News Observer.

Many things have been written and said about real estate coun­seling. Here are some random questions which should be an­swered prior to exposing the property and the client to the mar­ketplace.

  1. Why does the client desire to move his equity and what is the real motivation for selling or exchanging the property?
  2. Is the client a buyer and what are the guidelines in using equity for a down payment?
  3. What will the client take “in lieu of” his existing equity?
  4. Is there a mandatory cash requirement needed in the trans­action?
  5. The client has an immediate objective. Have I really deter­mined what it is and what is be­hind the immediate objective motivation?
  6. Does the client understand “benefits” (money, appreciation, depreciation, income etc.)?
  7. Why would someone want to own the property being off­ered by my client?
  8. Is the client mentally com­mitted to a fixed price for his real estate or is the client oriented toward increasing benefits?
  9. Have I determined what items the client can add to the real estate offering to make the entire “package” more attractive?
  10. Has the client verbally ac­cepted other properties in our counseling sessions?
  11. Have I explored the idea of the client being a user for a busi­ness opportunity?
  12. Will the client make offers to solve his real estate problems if the offers solve his immediate objectives and lead toward his long range objectives?
  13. Is the client capable of a joint venture with his equity or portions of his equity?
  14. Is the client under a third party influence?
  15. Has the broker done all of the homework needed to move title?
  16. Does the client have any geo­graphical limitations?
  17. Has the property been off­ered on the market prior to my listing?
  18. Does the client or his real estate offer management prob­lems?
  19. Frankly, is the client a realist?
  20. Do I really feel I have a client who does have a real estate problem?

The above are just a few ques­tions that real estate agents should determine in their counseling sessions prior to offering the property to the marketplace.


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