Steve Eustis, S.E.C.


Steve Eustis, S.E.C.

After spending time with Steve Eustis, it is quickly apparent that Steve is a fitting example of an S.E.C. member. He has been a hardworking man his entire life, earning respect from all his peers through many successes. His elevated level of standards for himself and his work shows in his honesty, humility, and dedication to do his best.

Steve, born to Velma and Ralph Eustis, always wanted to be a rancher when he was growing up. His father passed away at an early age, leaving his mother to raise Steve, his brother, and two sisters. To help as a young boy, Steve had various jobs as a paper boy, gas station attendant, and even on ranches and feed lots. Steve has always called San Angelo, Texas, home, building character in a close, family-oriented community.

Attending grade school as well as high school at San Angelo, in 1969 Steve graduated from San Angelo Central High School and attended Angelo State University, where he majored in business. He graduated from ASU in 1973 with his BA in Business. Only a year after college, Steve began his real estate career, working with Wallace A. Moritz Commercial Realtors in San Angelo. In 1983, Steve formed his own commercial real estate company to continue his professional growth in San Angelo. During this time, Steve was married and was blessed with two stepchildren: a son, Jerod, and daughter, Madison.

In 1985 Steve became the first CCIM in the San Angelo market and one of the earlier CCIM members in the nation with a member number of #2288. Steve’s business focus has been in all areas of commercial real estate, including sales, development, investing, and exchanges. His most rewarding business ventures have been the many partnerships with fellow members of the Society of Exchange Counselors. His real estate brokerage company, Steve Eustis Co., Realtors, Commercial and Investment Properties, is still the leading commercial brokerage company in San Angelo. He credits his associate, Brandon Sanders, S.E.C., for carrying much of the load the last few years as Steve devotes more time to his real estate investments and partnerships.

Steve has served in several leadership and chairman roles in professional organizations and has held all positions with his local Association of Realtors, including President in 1982 and Realtor of the Year in 1984. Steve also served as a Regional Vice President of the Texas Association of Realtors in 1987.

In 1996, Jim Crowley, S.E.C., of Houston, Texas, invited Steve to his first S.E.C meeting in Denver, Colorado. Steve attended meetings for a few years and started making connections with several members. In March of 2000, Steve became a candidate for Society of Exchange Counselors, and by December of 2000 he was a member. His success in the S.E.C. grew rapidly, and Steve served as President in 2008 and was honored as Counselor of the Year in 2009.

When asked about the most important event that shaped his life, Steve had this to say: “The most important aspect of growing up that shaped my life was the influence of an uncle who played a big part in my life. I was only four years old when my dad died, and my dad’s cousin, Burch Woodward, took me under his wings to provide a fatherly influence. Burch was a rancher of more than 50,000 acres in the remote and arid mountains of far West Texas. Burch was probably the most respected man in Pecos County, Texas, and as honest a man as one could ever know. Every summer when school was out, I lived on the ranch with Burch and his family, including his son, Neill, who to this day is like a brother to me. We worked cattle, sheep, and goats on horseback daily, sometimes riding out before daylight and not returning until late afternoon. We fixed windmills and fences and all the other chores involved in ranching. I learned the value of hard work, honesty, and family.  He is who shaped my life.”

Achieving all his financial goals and retirement plans at an early age, Steve’s heart to be a rancher had not changed. Recently, while taking some time to look at ranches and to pursue his dream of owning a ranch, Steve decided that ranching was no longer a dream of his.  He said, “It is too much dadgum hard work, and I can go to Neill’s ranch anytime and work as little or as much as I want to.” So he refocused his efforts on his passion for real estate. The processes and challenges of real estate excite Steve, but most importantly they drive him to stay active and be successful.

When Steve is not busy with his real estate endeavors, he enjoys traveling, genealogy, and attending and watching college football. The other love in his life is his sweet granddaughter, Avery. To stay healthy and active, he is learning to play golf and surrounding himself with good friends.

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