President’s Message

We recently returned from our meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, which was a very well attended and productive meeting. There is one meeting left this year, in Savannah, Georgia, in November. We continue to try to adhere to our Mission Statement and the Vision of the S.E.C. to grow and improve each year, and it doesn’t seem possible that another year is nearly over.

I find it is beneficial to revisit our core goals periodically, and reading our Mission Statement and Vision of the Society may be helpful for those who are not members to understand what the Society is all about.

Mission Statement: “The Society of Exchange Counselors pursues problem-solving techniques in the real estate industry based on the time-proven principles of integrity, professionalism, and accountability to our clients and peers.”


S –    SERVICE (Integrity): Being dedicated to what is true in the discipline of real estate problem solving
E –   EXPERIENCE (Professionalism): The pursuit of one’s individual discipline in real estate based on time-proven principles, the pursuit of continued education, and the commitment to performance based on accountability
C –   COUNSELING (Understanding): Identifying the task and determining the desired result for all parties concerned

These endeavors—Service, Experience, and Counseling—are undergirded by a mutual respect for all parties who truly pursue these principles as Counselors.

Vision of the Society:

  1. Promoting the finest marketing session in North America.
  2. Promoting continuing education.
  3. Promoting membership—seeking out the best of the best.
  4. Promoting the Society as an organization based on its integrity and professionalism.
  5. Identifying and recognizing individual members for outstanding contributions.
  6. Nurturing fraternal support.
  7. Pursuing the validity of the designation of “Counselor.”

Have a wonderful fall, and don’t hesitate to contact the S.E.C. office if you have any questions about the Society.

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  1. Nick
    Good message reminding us of what we are about
    See you in Savannah.