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Paul M. Winger, S.E.C.
2017 S.E.C. Education Foundation President

Homework.  Remember how much you dreaded doing your homework when you were a kid?  As an adult, the only thing more inconvenient might be continuing education requirements.  Getting started and getting through it could be arduous and tedious, but I for one, always felt like it was a net positive when I finished.

For our upcoming education programs in 2017, might I suggest that you spend some time and do a little homework before class to find out more about the presenting speaker and the topic? That ol’ “inter-web machine” is downright handy when it comes to discovering extra information and ancillary materials that will enhance the upcoming class you have signed up to attend. Being better prepared to receive the information you will be learning beats the proverbial “drinking from a fire hydrant” approach a lot of us take to these classes. You can anticipate the pace and direction of the course materials and you may already formulate questions in advance of the class.

May 21, 2017 – Peter Karl III, Esq., will teach his Cutting Edge Strategies in Reno, Nevada.  You may visit Peter’s website (You may be surprised at the links that that Google (or Yahoo, etc.) will turn up that are related to your subject, and other avenues that you didn’t know were available out there that might interest you.  These searches will also point to books and other resource materials available for sale that may be nice additions to your office library.

Homework. Whether it brings back bad memories or not, being prepared in advance will always be a net positive at the end of the day. (I am so tired of hearing that—I should have done a little more homework to come up with a different turn of phrase to replace it.)

The Society of Exchange Counselors has scheduled the following education programs over the next several months, and I hope you can attend and participate as much as possible.

September 10, 2017 – Ted Blank, S.E.C., CCIM, will present Understanding Your Client, a counseling course, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

November 12, 2017 – Creative Real Estate Solutions, a formulas course, will be presented by Ken Vidar, CCIM, in Savannah, Georgia.

The educational classes for the upcoming S.E.C. Meetings are posted on the S.E.C. Observer Upcoming Events website as we confirm them. We are working on scheduling education courses in regions where we will host S.E.C. meetings next year. Our goal is to have an education session locally several months prior to our meetings in order to expand our presence and identify local people who may be potential guests.

We look forward to expanding our reach to new marketing groups, professional organizations, and individuals who are interested in bringing the best creative real estate education to their regions.  Please visit our website, www.secedfoundation.com, to learn more about the courses and programs we sponsor.

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