Inside this Issue – Spring 2017

Welcome to the spring 2017 issue of the S.E.C. Observer. In this issue, Nick J. Esterline, S.E.C., the 2017 president of the Society, imparts an important life lesson that his mother taught him about patience.

Ernie Eden, S.E.C., summarizes the “fifteen-year history of a triplex” and a series of creative financing techniques that he used to solve ownership problems along the way.  Ted Blank, S.E.C., imparts why “improvement, not perfection” should be your goal.

Chase Magnuson demonstrates a “bargain sale technique” to solve complex ownership issues, and Bob Steele, S.E.C., shares a list of “information to obtain in counseling.” The S.E.C. Education Foundation’s 2017 president, Paul M. Winger, S.E.C., asks you to do some “homework” in advance of upcoming education.

The “Society News Briefs” section includes information about our future meetings in Reno, Nevada, and Indianapolis, Indiana as well as information about our upcoming courses, Cutting Edge Strategies – Tax, Asset Protection & Trust/Estate Planning, to be presented by Peter Karl III, Esq., in May, and Understanding Your Client, which Ted Blank will present in September.

Our “In the Spotlight” section features Marilee Anderson and illustrates her interesting path to becoming a Counselor. Cliff Weaver, S.E.C., admits that real estate brokerage is sometimes “heavy and a challenge,” and, in the “History Files,” Warren Harding, S.E.C., explains how to get “free advertising,”

Enjoy this issue. As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and submissions of articles to be considered for publication. Please contact the S.E.C. office via e-mail at

Jackie Hellingson
Editor, S.E.C. Observer

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