Is a Twitter Hashtag the Answer? Maybe.

Over the years I, like many others who have attended real estate marketing meetings, have pondered this question:

“How can we play a part in promoting the local, regional, and national groups where real estate equity marketing takes place? How can we make them more aware of the meetings that are currently taking place across the United States?”

It’s logical (to me, anyway) that the health and growth of national organizations such as the Society of Exchange Counselors and NCE directly depends on the health of local and regional groups that feed the national organizations.

Right now, it appears that there is no one “location” (website or search engine) that a commercial broker can access that will cover the entire United States where he or she can find where future meetings will be held and the registration details of each meeting as well as news of activity coming out of the meetings.

What if you could access such a location instantly? I think it would help all interested brokers quickly find the best venue both at the time and in the city they desire.

I believe such a location can be created. It’s called a Twitter “hashtag.” Here’s how it would work:

Each local, regional, and national group that wished to participate would type this simple message on its Twitter account:


NY State Commercial Association of Realtors
June 13–15, Syracuse, NY
Details?   #REmarketingmeetings

It’s that simple!

What does this message tell us?

  1. Which organization is holding the meeting.
  2. The city and dates where the meeting will be held.
  3. The website that can be accessed to get all the additional information needed to register.

But we missed “the elephant in the room”: the hashtag!

The moment the creator of this tweet hits send, this tweet becomes attached to a location, namely, #Remarketingmeetings, which is listed with all other tweets that describe future meetings that will take place. Hopefully, if and when the many dozens of local, regional, and national marketing groups participate by sending a tweet about their meetings and including the hashtag, this location will become a clearinghouse for those looking for a marketing meeting.

The uses of this hashtag can go far, far beyond simply detailing the times of meetings by certain groups throughout the United States. Here are a few brief example messages.


ABC Exchange Group seeks experienced moderator for meeting in Kansas City on June 6. Reply to Mr Jones at  #REmarketingmeetings


DEF Exchange Group seeks experienced speaker May 15 in Portland. Subject: 1031 Exchanging.   #REmarketingmeetings

In summary, the uses of this hashtag for the promotion of marketing meetings are endless if many organizations participate.

Do this. Open up your twitter account, if you have one, and, in the search area near the top of the page type in #REmarketingmeetings. You’ll see a very short list of meetings that I prepared, in part, for the purposes of this article.

The Society of Exchange Counselors has been known for taking the lead in technology over the years. The most obvious example is TradeTracker. Future SEC meetings will be paperless (and our book is already in the “cloud”).

I strongly feel that if a group of us put our heads together, we can accelerate the growth of equity marketing in the manner described above, thereby accelerating the growth of both national organizations.

Ed Berlinski
|Twitter: @malibulandguy

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