President’s Message

I grew up around real estate professionals. I remember from a very young age my father, Paul F. Winger, talking about his mentors and partners—names like Marv Naiman, Bob Brougham, and George Becker. Becker and Brougham officed with Dad. Mr. Becker always had a smile and an optimistic outlook and he offered thoughtful and timely advice. I will always remember him with great fondness. I remember Mr. Brougham as sometimes very serious then suddenly a playful jokester when I would visit the office. Mr. Naiman invited my father into the S.E.C. so, in a way, Marv is responsible for my membership in this organization. Jack was my invitor to the Society. Jack Hunt was my father’s partner and a huge influence on me. He lives on in my heart and his voice and advice is with me always in ways that will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life.

Mentors play a part in any pursuit, lay or professional. We are all standing on someone’s shoulders. People who have selflessly helped, influence, cajoled, encouraged, and counseled us. The commitment of these folks who have helped us is generations long. “Paying it forward” isn’t just a buzzword phrase, it is the engine of progress in our personal and professional lives.

Make up your mind that when the opportunity to mentor someone arises, whether it is baiting a hook or sharing a burden in times of distress, you will commit to that calling. The simplest of gestures can have decades’ worth of influence on someone’s life. It certainly did in mine.

I look forward to this year as S.E.C. president and to seeing you at an S.E.C. Marketing Meeting soon.


  1. Well said Peter! You certainly had some giants as mentors including your father who all of us that have gotten to know him treasure!

  2. Paul,
    I enjoyed your article. You were fortunate and blessed to have grown up around such extraordinary men.