Annual S.E.C. Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2015 Award Recipients!

2015 Counselor of the Year – Stephen R. England
The Counselor of the Year Award is given to the Member who has contributed the most to the wellbeing of the Society throughout the year and who has:

  1. A productive record of ethical business practices.
  2. A record of exemplifying our motto – “Service, Experience, and Counsel.”
  3. A record of continued service to the Society.
  4. An image that reflects the best interests of the Society of Exchange Counselors.
  5. A demonstration of doing homework, counseling, and follow-through in business transactions.

2015 Yvonne Nasch Award – Lance Moore (third-time recipient)
The Yvonne Nasch Memorial Award is given in honor of Yvonne Nasch, one of the Society’s most creative members. The award is given to the Counselor who has closed the most transactions during the year with fellow Counselors and/or Candidates. The award is not contingent on the dollar volume of the award; it is specifically designed to recognize the Counselor with the largest number of transactions.

2015 Cliff Weaver Award – Ted J. Blank, Ronald J. Bowden, and Larry S. Browning
The Clifford P. Weaver Award is presented to the Counselor or Counselors (if more than one is involved in the winning transaction) who put together the most creative transaction of the year. This award, in honor of one of the most creative Counselors of all time, is given in order to publicize the creativity of our membership.

Jack Hunt Excellence in Education Award – Charles E. Sutherland
The S.E.C. Education Foundation established the Jack Hunt Award in December 2002 to honor Jack for his dedication to creative real estate education. Any candidate for the EDF Jack Hunt Award should meet the following general subjective standards to be considered as a recipient of the award: The candidate has, during his or her career, demonstrated “Vision, Dedication, and Service” with regard to the Society’s and the S.E.C. Education Foundation’s education mission; the candidate has gone above and beyond their normal volunteer duties as a Society member and deserves special recognition for their specific contributions to S.E.C. education; and the actions of a candidate have succeeded in advancing the education mission of the Society and its Foundation.

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