The Reno Educational Foundation

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the October 1975 issue of the Real Estate Observer. The S.E.C. Education Foundation was created in 2002 to continue the mission started by Richard Reno to bring the best creative real estate education to real estate practitioners across the nation. Richard Reno also hoped to see nationalization of licensing and reciprocity for education taken in any state in the nation. Although that hasn’t become a reality, we have not given up hope, and we continue to provide unique and enlightening education from excellent instructors.

For those who are not aware of why the Richard R. Reno Educational Foundation exists, it is simply a matter of historical success in the “people business.” The philosophy of the Reno Educational Foundation is that the Real Estate Business is a “people business,” not a property business, and that the objective of the competent Exchange Counselor is to get better benefits for his or her client by using real estate as a vehicle. It is our belief that the benefits that would derive—tailor-made to the individual involved—are more important than the makeup of the property itself. Therefore, the Foundation’s teachings are done by what we call “doers” because we don’t believe in teaching theory.

The creative ideas, imaginative concepts, and original and tested formulas are taught by instructors who have actual experience in the field over a great many years. Teachings are kept up to date because the instructors feel the responsibility to be current. Because there is nothing permanent but change, the Foundation feels the responsibility to change. It often changes weekly or monthly because business today is so interlaced with myriad details such as quick market reactions to changing interest rates, money crunches, and tax interpretations. The fact that these changes happens so fast must be recognized because it is no longer possible to do a successful volume of business by using methods that were prevalent a year or two ago.

It might be of interest to you to know that we just received word that the Considine & Considine four-day tax seminar given under the auspices of the Reno Educational Foundation has been approved by the National CPA Society as a seminar for CPA-required continuing education students in states that have such requirements. This can be helpful in getting more people to attend a tax seminar given by Considine & Considine, but the CPAs must be verbally told about it. Although we know that the firm specializes in real estate matters, we also know that those matters cannot be written. We cannot put these things on a brochure, and they cannot be in written advertising. By word of mouth, CPAs can be informed of this matter, which will result in more professionals’ attending the Considine & Considine professional tax seminar.

There are approximately 40 Exchange Counseling Problem-Solving Groups in the United States, and they were formed as a direct result of the teachings of the Richard R. Reno Educational Foundation. There are approximately 60 organized groups formed under Boards, Institutes, and so forth that are concentrating on Exchanging and Marketing Sessions to some degree.

Because of the continual rising costs of most everything, taking educational seminars has become very expensive, and there does not seem to be as much money available for education as there used to be. The Reno Educational Foundation is trying to find solutions to make education more readily available to groups around the nation.

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