Congratulations to our 2014 Award Recipients!

Daniel J. Murphy, S.E.C.: 2014 Counselor of the Year Award

The “Counselor of the Year” is the Highest Honor a Society Member may Achieve

Dan Murphy

Daniel J. Murphy, S.E.C.: 2014 Counselor of the Year Award

Dan was presented with the prestigious Counselor of the Year Award on January 20, 2015. The award is presented to the member who has contributed the most to the well-being of the Society of Exchange Counselors by his peers. The member must have:

A productive record of ethical business practices;

  • A demonstration of our motto – “Service, Experience, and Counsel”;
  • A record of continued service to the Society;
  • An image that reflects the best interest of the Society of Exchange Counselors; and
  • A demonstration of doing homework, counseling, and follow-through in business transactions.

Chris Dischinger, S.E.C.: 2014 Yvonne Nasch Award

Awarded to the Member who has Closed the Most Transactions with Other Members


Chris Dischinger, S.E.C.: 2014 Yvonne Nasch Award

Yvonne Nasch, S.E.C., was one of the most treasured members of the Society of Exchange Counselors. Yvonne died on May 25, 1979, when the DC-10 bound for Los Angeles on which she was a passenger crashed in a field seconds after take-off at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, where she had attended an S.E.C. meeting. Yvonne was the 1979 Counselor of the Year. An award was created in her honor to recognize the S.E.C. member who completes the most transactions with other S.E.C. members; it is awarded annually in her memory. Yvonne had the distinct honor of being the first woman in the United States to hold the S.E.C. and CCIM designations; she also held the RECI and GRI designations. Yvonne served in many capacities as a volunteer for the various organizations she belonged to as well as excelling in her private practice as a developer, exchangor, investor, and speaker.


Awarded to the Member (or Members) who have Completed the Most Creative Transaction


Joe Crowley, S.E.C, Chris Dischinger, S.E.C., Mark Lechner, S.E.C. –
2014 Clifford P. Weaver Award

Clifford P. Weaver died November 15, 1975, in Moorea, Tahiti, where he had been conducting an S.E.C. meeting. Cliff often said his entire professional life changed the day he met Dick Reno. Weaver always felt that a sense of humor was essential in business and the business of living. He was quick to laugh at himself. He was once described as the “Kilometer Kid” after fishing in the Arctic Circle. One year after traveling over 150,000 miles, mostly on business, some on fishing, he stated, “I am considered one of the best fishermen in the United States, but the catching is sometimes lousy!” He wrote prolifically for the Reno Real Estate News Observer and the articles he wrote 35 years ago are just as relevant today. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the real estate investment and exchange profession during an all-too-short life, an Annual Memorial Award was set up for Cliff. The first trophy was awarded at the April, 1976 conference.


Stephen R. England, S.E.C.: 2014 Jack Hunt Excellence in Education Award

The S.E.C. Education Foundation established the “Jack Hunt Excellence in Education Award” in December 2002 to honor Jack for his dedication to creative real estate education.


Stephen R. England, S.E.C.: 2014 Jack Hunt Excellence in Education Award

A candidate for the EDF “Hunt Award” should meet the following general subjective standards to be considered as a recipient of the award:

  • The candidate has, during his or her career, demonstrated “Vision, Dedication, and Service” with regard to the Society’s and the S.E.C. Education Foundation’s education mission.
  • The candidate has gone above and beyond normal volunteer duties as a Society member and deserves special recognition for specific contributions to S.E.C. education.
  • The actions of a candidate have succeeded in advancing the education mission of the Society and its Foundation.
  • The recipient of the award must be a member of the Society of Exchange Counselors unless determined otherwise by the EDF Board.

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