S.E.C. Education Foundation News

In the next few months, we will be delivering several quality education courses around the country:

“Wealth Creation through Equity Marketing,”
Fishkill, NY, April 2
—Gary Vandenberg, S.E.C.

“Creating Powerful Transactions that Close,”
Manchester Center, VT, April 23
—Peter West, S.E.C.

“Intro to Creative Marketing,”
Syracuse, NY, April 24
—Robert Giniecki, S.E.C.

“Independent Broker Estate Creation,” Wichita, KS, May 1 & 2
—Mark Johnson, S.E.C., John Brennan, S.E.C., Gary Vandenberg, S.E.C.

“S.E.C. Education Symposium,”
Portland, OR, May 18
—S.E.C. Counselors

“Developing the Developer as a Client,”
Albuquerque, NM, Sept 9
—Bill Stonaker, S.E.C., Chris Dischinger, S.E.C.

Several S.E.C. members are also assisting with regional marketing sessions around the country, and we occasionally offer financial backstop guarantees for our S.E.C.–approved moderators to lead these sessions. S.E.C.–sponsored marketing sessions are coming up in Wichita, Kansas, and in Fishkill, New York.

The Ed Foundation Board modified the Scholarship policy to clarify that scholarships awarded without financial need are given one time only during a student’s education. Thereafter, scholarships are based on the family’s financial need, on scholastic achievement, and on demonstrated merit of giving back to the community.

We are working to bring more classes to local exchange groups around the country.

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