Uncertainty Breeds Inaction – Clarity Breeds Action

Like it or not, America is now starting to live with the effects of the Affordable Care Act. It is truly the solemn duty of each citizen in our country to elect leaders who will establish wise rules by which to run our nation. However, learning what the rules are so that we can strategize how to “play the game” of living in our great nation probably affects us more on a day-to-day basis.

For the past three years, most of our citizens—including those who study the law—have been wondering what exactly was going to take place. Many rules have just recently been established. (Think of the one-year delay for businesses to comply…another year of uncertainty!) Finally workers, business owners, and all people can start to adjust and “play the game.” Hopefully business leaders who have long delayed expansion decisions due to uncertainty about what the new rules would do to their businesses will have enough clarity to come off of the sidelines and expand their growing companies.

As an investor or as a business leader, if you believe that now is the time to act, know that members of the Society of Exchange Counselors have been trained in how to assist you in making wise real estate decisions. They are also perfectly situated to help you execute the decisions you make. Let them help you to decide how best to “play the game!”

As the outgoing S.E.C. 2013 President, I would like to wish all of you the very best in the coming year. Happy Investing!

Gary L. Vandenberg, S.E.C.
2013 S.E.C. President


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  2. Gary
    As I read your article I see many of my clients saying just get me out of the land or building they are in holding of. The market were we live Arizona, the prices are at what we would call a buyers market but can not get any one to pull the trigger and draft even an offer on most properties . This year has been good to me but they were sure fire sales. This is were I feel the market is going to set for at least a few more years at least in our area.
    BK’S are the way we are seeing deals getting done or flat out fire sales.

    Regards Vincent

  3. Gary:

    Just a quick Thank-you for your time and energy spent in service as President of the S.E.C. for 2013, as well as your continued service as 2014 Education Foundation President. Your ongoing dedication to the society members and guests is greatly appreciated.

  4. Gary,
    It has been a pleasure serving on exec with you these past couple of years. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and dedication. You have added great value and strengthened the Society through your leadership. Well done !
    Best Regards,