S.E.C. Education Foundation News

The S.E.C. Education Foundation has been, and is very busy this year, with but a brief pause for the summer break for most of us. Coming off a very successful Wichita, Kansas marketing meeting in March, where Jim Brondino (Ontario, California) presented his renowned Moderator Training Course, we are off and running with the following:

High Touch Real Estate, presented by Ted Blank (Castle Rock, Colorado) will be September 15, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island, prior to the S.E.C. Marketing Meeting the following 3 days;

Real Estate Tax Update, presented by Dr. Mark Levine, will be November 17, 2013 in San Francisco, California, prior to the S.E.C. Marketing Meeting.

The purpose of the education is to train the new and continually update seasoned veterans in the skills necessary to successfully operate in the field of “equity marketing” — or, more simply, the process of working with individuals to better meet their objectives, including in the real estate investment market. We have learned that the better educated we are, the better we can be for ourselves and clients in the market place to obtain the desired outcomes.

We do that on a national basis and are constantly looking carefully at potential new market areas to teach and create marketing opportunities. Our Foundation also assists with possible support for these in your area.

For further information, please visit www.secedfoundation.com, and click on the “S.E.C. Education Programs” tab for information on the “traveling moderator” program; “S.E.C. Approved Moderator” tab for information about our moderators available; and to download forms to apply for Ed Foundation support to send a moderator to your area meeting.

For general information you can simply email info@secedfoundation.com with any questions.

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