Jim Brondino, S.E.C., CCIM

Jim was born April 25, I 942 in East Los Angeles, California. Jim lived there with his sister, parents and grandparents until he was seven years old. He then moved with his family to Glendale, CA. His dad was a grocer. Jim lived on the second floor above the grocery market with his family. Jim’s mom stayed at home and cared from the family. Jim learned how to work in the grocery store, pushing a broom. Jim’s lost his mother when she was in her mid-50s. His father is 94 and his stepmother is 85.

Jim’s family later moved to Azusa, then to Glendora, CA. His father took a job with Helm’s Bakery and later worked for Wonder Bread and French American Bakery. As Glendora grew, a new high school was built. Jim started high school at Glendora High School and graduated as the first President of the Glendora Student Body. Jim . was also an athlete, playing both football and track. Jim led in the classroom as well as on the athletic field.

After graduating from Glendora High School, Jim received a full athletic scholarship from the University of Redlands, Redlands, CA. Jim played both offensive and defensive tackle on the football team. He also threw the discus and shot put for the track team. Jim, honored by his football team, was elected . Team Captain in both the 1962• and 1963 seasons. He was also honored as an AP (Associated Press) All Coast Tackle in 1962 and UPI (United Press International) All Coast Tackle in 1962 and 1963. Jim was given the opportunity to play pro football, but declined that offer.

While in college, Jim was rated lA by his local US Military draft board. He took their physical; they said to lose some weight. Instead he gained twenty pounds. They changed his draft classification to 4F. Jim was still playing football for the University of Redlands. Go figure!

Jim graduated from the University of Redlands with a Bachelor’s Degree in History in 1964. He continued his education at the University of Redlands and received his Master’s Degree in Education in 1965. While studying for his Master’s Degree, Jim was a student assistant coach for the University of Redlands freshman football team.

After receiving his Master’s Degree in Education, Jim taught at two Southern California high schools, Riversides and Whittier. Jim lived in “the little house in Whittier.” He taught school for about five years after his graduation. Jim’s ex-father in law suggested he get into the real estate business. After considerable thought, Jim decided to give the real estate business a try.

This was the early 1970’s. Jim found Richard Reno and Dick Chatham. He attended their seminars and learned the importance of counseling his real estate clients. Jim’s strength, specialty and passion became counseling. Jim found that counseling helped• him serve his clients best. Through proper counseling, Jim was able to find out his clients’ true motivation for entering into their real estate transactions. Counseling is still Jim’s passion today.

While Jim was beginning his real estate career, he was active in the Rotary and later became an Optimist. Jim was well equipped to serve his community through his leadership, education, training and speaking abilities. Jim has trained other real estate professionals, including the Orange Coast Exchangers, UCLA students, California Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, International Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE) and various colleges and universities.

Jim was introduced to the Society of Exchange Counselors by Tom Peterson.

After Dick Reno died, Jim taught with Bruce Howey and Jim Howard, both S.E.C.’s. They taught the National Exchange Counselor’s class that met Mandatory Continuing Education requirements. Jim was later encouraged by Dennis Crull, S.E.C. to take the CCIM classes. Jim also worked with Dennis and the trust Dennis represents during the RTC days.

Jim has published articles in magazines including: Real Estate Today, Creative Real Estate, Traders Topics, California Association of Realtors Magazine, Journal of Equity Marketing, first tuesday, For Sale Magazine and the CCIM Journal. Jim was a featured writer in McGraw Hill’s Real Estate Handbook and Longman Financial’s Win/Win -A Guide to• Creative Real Estate.

Jim served as Conference Director of Real Estate EXPO, the largest real estate educational and marketing event in the United States.

Jim continues to structure and organize many other national and international marketing events; most notably the Society of Exchange Counselors, National Exchange Counselors and CCIM events.

Jim was inducted into the Hall of Fame at University of Redlands in 1986. Jim’s prowess on the football field and his continued support of the University of Redlands helped earn Jim this great honor.

Jim has also been inducted into the prestigious American Exchangers Hall of Fame and the National Council of Exchangers Hall of Fame.

Jim has earned many honors in the Society of Exchange Counselors: Clifford P Weaver Award –1990, 2000, and 2006
Jack Hunt Award – 2008
Yvonne Nash Award – 2005
Counselor of the Year – 1996

Jim has served the Society of Exchange Counselors in many ways, including
President – 2005
President of the S.E.C. Education Foundation
Board of Directors – 2004 to 2006
Meeting Moderator, too numerous to mention
Teacher – Exchange Marketing
Methods. of Moderating and Marketing
Counseling for Action

Sharon Throop has been Jim’s office manager for over 35 years. The fact that Sharon has been with Jim for the last 35 years is a testament to the fortitude of Sharon Throop. Sharon is a big part of Jim’s successes.

Jim says the most important time in his life was the birth of his children.

Jim has two adult children, Darin Brondino and Corinne West. Darin is a finish carpenter in Southern California after graduating college and Corinne is a vocal artist. Corinne is currently performing her Americana music in Austria.

Jim continues his real estate practice by being involved in various real estate transactions. Jim uses his many skills to help his clients achieve their needs. Jim counsels experienced and savvy S.E.C. members, helping them obtain what they need from their real estate transactions. Being asked for your help by your colleagues is one of the highest compliments an experienced real estate practitioner can have. Jim has been complimented in this way many times.

Jim continues to speak, teach and mentor, using his many talents and skills throughout the S.E.C. as well as various other real estate organizations. Jim’s unselfish attitude, his teaching abilities, his professional leadership, and, particularly, his passion for counseling are traits we all can aspire to attain.


  1. Very impressive resume! Many of us are honored to call Jim a friend.

  2. Have enjoyed many years of working with Jim.

  3. Hello,
    I would be grateful if you could forward this e-mail to Jim Brondino.
    Many thanks

    Hello Jim,
    I am interested in knowing how your father or grand-father Brondino came to US, as a lot of Brondino’s moved from the North of Italy (mainly the Po Valley, near Turin and Cuneo) to the South America (Argentina and Brazil) and to France (mainly the Marseille region, but I was not aware the some Brondino’s moved to the North America.
    That’s pure curiosity.
    Kind regards,

    Daniele Brondino
    Turin, Italy

  4. Jim wasn’t an SEC until after I left, but I respect him as well as I do Bob
    Steele and Colby Sandlain among the living, Dick Reno, Charles Chatham, Don Eyeman, Yvonne Nash, Royce Ringsdorf, Bob Stampfl, Jack Hunt and Jim Farley among those who have gone before us, all GIANTS, both professionally and personally. Jim is unique among the unique! I will always consider him a friend. Ron Moser